This was my webside all about my webdesign business but I'm not really doing that any more since I got a job as an epub developer. So now this is just my place to post whtever I feel like.


Adventures in Analog

This in an album I recorded at home over the years. It has not yet reached gold or platinum status or caught the attention of the academy but I am hopeful.

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  1. Adventures in Analoge (The First Little Melody)
  2. Lost & Found
  3. A Love Song
  4. Bright Eyes
  5. Novacain
  6. Cariño
  7. Checkers (The Second Little Melody)
  8. I've Forgotten How To Sleep
  9. The Nica Song
  10. Texas
  11. The Third (and Last) Little Melody
  12. Unwritten

Some Very Avuncular Songs

Avuncular: of or relating to an uncle

This is an album of songs written for my little neice and nephew. Love you guys!

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  1. Bailey Jane
  2. The Watermelon Song
  3. Una Familia Bien Feliz
  4. You Know Noah
  5. Auntie Alissa is Clumsey
  6. My Service Day
  7. Cyrus the Great
  8. Aquatic Laffoon Life
  9. The Ukulele Song
  10. Grumpy Head
  11. Lullabye for a Rainy Night



The story of a hardworking little worm trying to make the best of the worst job ever.

Fishbait comics

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Amazing True Facts!

Amazing true facts that aren't remotely true.

Angler fish



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